Project Know Thy Self (PKTS) is an innovative programme designed to transform peoples’ lives and to be able to face the challenges of the world.

As a young man, clueless of what I want to become in life, I decided to join team PKTS since their vision assures one of a better future. I was invited to the team by a friend after which I become a member.

After a year of joining the team, I contested for the position of financial secretary which I successfully won. Through that position, I must say, I have gained a lot of experience on how to  deal with people and how to make accounts and budgets though I have no business background.

For some time now, I have been learning how to design. My team reached out to me to take care of some designs when they noticed my newly acquired skill, even though I was still an amateur. They supported and inspired me to be more innovative and creative in my new passion.

I was then moved from financial secretary to my current position as Public Relations Officer (PRO) where I volunteered to design for the team for free, after all that’s the least I can do to help the team save costs as far as designing is concerned. But to my ultimate surprise, I received a letter of employment from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). 

Team PKTS has been able to tap into my creative potential and helped me advance in the field of design. Not only that, I have also acquired certain skills such as multi-tasking, ability to work in a team, communication and problem solving. For instance, my boss tells me what he wants which at times I have no idea but I always find a way to get the job done.

I personally think team PKTS is a place for everyone. A place where you can unearth a potential you did not know existed. It is all about getting to know yourself.


Josapaht Gbenneh

Graphic Designer /PRO

PKTS International.