Project Know Thy Self (PKTS) is an enriched, creative and innovative programme.


Education is key: it is meant to help solve societal issues.

Our History

We teach young people to be critical, creative and innovative in their thinking.



Project Know Thy Self (PKTS) is an enriched creative and innovative programme designed to transform lives of children in primary, secondary and tertiary level and to be able to face the challenges of the world.


Education is meant to help solve societal issues to make the world a better place. Learning is all about Knowledge and understanding of the world and everyone has a special role to play to make it a better place. For the world to be a better place it is important that everyone knows who they are. Knowing who you are and the world around you is a great form of education. It is about preparing children for the future.

For our world to be a better place, schools have a significant role to play. Schools must not just educate the minds of children but remember to design a curriculum to educate their hearts.

“Know Thyself” is about knowing who you are; where you come from; your history; understanding that you have a destiny; knowing and understanding your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

This is important to every individual. How this is transferred to an individual and how the individual takes it determines the present and future of every person. This helps the child and adult to make the best choices for themselves and the community. It helps one to understand others’ religion, culture, background and why people behave in a certain way.

Knowing who you are, and the rest of the world helps one to meander through life and aspire to achieve. It also helps you to be true to yourself and creates a strong and deep connection with others.

It turns on the engines of imagination, boosts productivity and efficiency, strengthens empathy and collapses apathy; thereby helping an individual to climb to their best in life.

So many changes in job opportunities has been because of technological innovations and how curriculums are designed to meet the demands and challenges of the 21st Century is extremely important.

Project KTS has a value chain. Transforming lives does not focus on a profession or discipline. Lives, meaning everyone. The expectation is that; children would have learnt from school how to play a positive role in a society. This will lower the chances to a high percentage of children or students getting involved in anti-social vices and becoming corrupt leaders.

PKTS provides the opportunity for nurturing of true servant leadership irrespective of race, religion and background.

Knowing who you are involves knowing the world around you by first exploring your authenticity and your innate potential. Before we can share our gifts, we need to unwrap them for ourselves.

There are so many issues in our society these days and we believe this is because of people not knowing who they are, and the world around them, lack of understanding the importance and the right for everyone to live. Therefore, PKTS is designed to help students discover and develop their hidden unique innate potential of excellence that will give them the competitive edge to be well-rounded and grounded in leading effectively in our 21st Century world.


  • Confidence Builders

  • Talent explorers

  • Self-disciplined

  • Time managers

  • Effective Presenters

  • Positive thinkers

  • Target setters

  • Personal Learners and Decision makers

  • Over comers of academic obstacles and challenges

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Creative, innovative and Imaginative

  • Critical thinkers