Welcome to TEAM PKTS
Know thyself is to Know

I want to use this day to thank you for your kind advice, mentoring and coaching you gave me during the Entrepreneurship summit organised by Project Know ThySelf.

The free coaching you gave to me on how to go about my palm oil business has placed me a step ahead of my peers and I cannot believe my improvement .

You are God sent and you have made my story an interesting one . God bless you.

My name is Defia Samuel Mawuko. I joined Project Know ThySelf International in February 2017 after I was introduced to its aims and objectives of which I found myself perfectly aligned to. Being a young ambitious man who aspire to be creative and innovative as well as be a critical thinker in solving societal problems, I found the group very relevant because these values are precisely what you get to acquire from joining.

What’s more, the organization trains the youth to be useful leaders in whichever field they find themselves. It also helps them to develop the zeal to always want to quickly respond to societal issues , as it opens your mind to begin to realize your immediate surroundings, the community in which you find yourself and the world at large .

As a result , you strive to make it a better place and that is a plus to the benefits enjoyed as a member of the group. Joining Team PKTS, I have learnt so much in leadership, participated in many exciting yet educative activities like volunteering as a part time teacher, speaking under youth leadership seminars , donating  to orphanages and Schools, etc . Before, these were activities I could not do due to low self confidence .

I was privileged to be elected into office as the President of Team PKTS-LEGON  in July 2018 and I currently still serve this office . My Secretariat with support from our Chief Patron has made it easier to bring to light some of the visions of Team PKTS.

With a team of more than fifty young and vibrant men and women in the tertiary level, Team PKTS-LEGON which started as a three member team is making headlines in highly recognized media channels across Ghana and it is my hope that this Team can be extended to other institutions in the country and beyond.

We members of Team PKTS believe that so long as you are ready to Discover, Develop , Create and Innovate yourself , you can be a useful leader  to the society. 


My name is Mawuena Awoyaa Mensah. A final year student of the University of Ghana, Legon.
I joined Project Know Thyself (PKTS) in 2019. I was introduced to the organization by a friend who was already a team member.

After joining team PKTS, I thought there were a number of things I could do but after attending our meetings, I realized the things I thought I could do, I had not mastered. Team PKTS served as a platform for me to master my public speaking skills, how to be a better leader as well as involving in research works and bringing valid results .

Through the opportunity given to me by Team PKTS, I have spoken at conferences and bigger platforms without panic. I have also learnt how to tolerate the views of others since we work as a team and most importantly I have come to the realization that indeed teamwork is vital in achieving a greater goal.