Receive special greetings, I hope this letter finds you well.

I wrote this letter to express boldly, my gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Franklin and Project Know Thy Self International for the contribution and impact you have had on me. I was a learner and a leader, and was aspiring to do more great leadership services, I was on the course of realizing my potentials and aspirations, when I came to meet Mr. Franklin Adjetey at a conference on 4th May 2019 where he was a facilitator.

I got impress with his presentation and ideas, it was bright and in line with my aspirations, so, quickly I decided to know him more and get close. The outcome has been a success one, below I have stated the results;
Through my encounter with Mr. Franklin, now I have been able to develop the skill of delegation. I have as well been able to gather knowledge on corporate engagement with strong cooperation attitude. Good listening and communication skill.

My experience and association with PKTS International, having understood the philosophy and service of the organization (PKTS) I have developed more passion for youth empowerment and transformation. As a result, I have voluntarily taken upon myself to help the organization have branches in nationwide public and private secondary and Tertiary institutions to enable propagate the good course of Project Know Thy Self International. I recently led the coordination and creation of GH SCHOLS (GH Media SCH) branch in Accra. I am also on the progress of creating University of Education, Winneba branch.

Thank you.
Warm regards,
Riffath Yakub Abubakar