Book Launch commentary by Osborn Paintsil

It was a great blessing… The beginning of the Mr Franklin Nii Okantey Adjetey legacy… .. my take from the launch…

  • Passion is necessary for teaching. Once you decide to teach, you can and must develop the passion.
  • Calling to teach. Teaching is a calling that is rewarding.
  • Compassion: Compassion drives you to go extra miles to make impact on the student.

Teaching involves team effort.. Parent, teacher, student.

A called teacher must have value for his own family.

God is at the core of all Mr. Franklin Adjetey does. A Great teacher believes in God. It is God working through him…

God bless you Sir… May this legacy live on…????… It was a beautifully organized event… I was there before 3:50pm; before the chairperson, poet, the junior school Principal’s speech, the lady who spoke about her failure and all that.. I came with the whole family but had to leave during the auction to take my wife to another event she had to attend… It was good to see your legacy unfold… Great job.


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