Know thyself means to know one’s self

Where you come from
Who you are
And where you are heading

Some people say it is all about today
But if we do not know what is passed
Then our ignorance will expand to the future

One day my aunt Cecilia
With her ackee and salt fish shouts out:
Where does this come from?
This is the food of our ancestors

Know one can stop history
History is always ongoing
What we do defines who we are

Let us not forget and keep Respect
The history we are

If people forget who they are
Or where they come from
Then the world would
Have been a tangle of puzzles

We should always know and ask ourselves
Should I be my history or my destiny?

Without these questions, you do not know thyself!

by Franklin Adjetey and students of Peckham Park Primry School (UK)


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